Here are some answers to questions that often arise in regards to the app & the service. If you can't find your answer please get in touch!

What is Sproose?
Sproose is a platform anyone seeking a convienient laundry or dry cleaning collection. Using the mobile app Sproose Connect, customers can instantly place an order with a trusted local dry cleaner.

Who is Sproose for?
Sproose is for anyone who doesn't have time to go to the dry cleaners or laundrette and for those who want a convenient, quality and cash-free alternative. Typically, our clients include large multinationals & SMEs but our dry cleaners are also happy to collect from individual homes.

Do Sproose clean my clothes?
No. Sproose do not have any washing facilities. Nor do they own any vehicles. Sproose is the platform on which you book a collection. All logistics and garment care is carried out by trusted local dry cleaners.

Can I book a collection from any location at anytime?
Sproose is not your typical on-demand service but instead brings dry cleaning into your daily/weekly routine. The dry cleaner will visit your location at a scheduled time every second day to collect and return items to reception or management office. You don't need to hang around with your clothes, just bring drop them at the designated area.

How can I add my business to a collection route?
To get added to a collection route you must fill in the form - Here. It only takes a minute.

How do I place an order?
To place an order you must download the Sproose Connect app on iOS or Android.

Can I place an order on the website?
Not yet, but web booking functionality is currently under construction! Follow our Social Media pages for all the latest updates!

How do I access my dry cleaner's pricelist?
To gain access to the pricelist you must enter your collection address / business address. This opens up the dry cleaner's 'storefront' so you can browse their services & offers.

I just placed an order but I have a question. Who do I contact?
You have three options here;
1) In the app, navigate to Account > Feedback to start a chat with a Sproose Agent.
2) In the app, navigate to Order History > Order Number > Contact Provider to contact your dry cleaner directly.
3) On our website, you can use the contact form to submit a query.

When will my items be collected?
Your items will be collected on the day you select from the calendar during the collection window. The collection window is also visible when you select your collection date.

When will my items be returned?
Your items will be returned on the next set day.

Are my credit card details safe?
Yes. We use Stripe Connect to manage our payments to and from the Sproose Platform. We store no sensitive credit card information on our servers but rather transmit them to Stripe in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

I'm unsatisfied with my dry cleaning. What can I do?
If you've had a poor experience with your dry cleaner please let us know and we can investigate. In most cases, the dry cleaner is happy to issue a refund and/or compensation. They're a friendly bunch so don't hesitate to get in touch. Sproose will also help to resolve.


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